a Lean Manufacturing ‘Machine’

Lean Manufacturing

Your most reliable cost, quality and delivery solution starts and ends with NHK Seating’s production model, already running like a well-oiled template for success with other major OEMs—even recently winning Subaru’s “Best Cost Supplier” Award.

Lean Manufacturing

Proven, Cost-Efficient Systems

Based on a Monozukuri lean-manufacturing and continuous-improvement philosophy, NHK maintains a streamlined, JIT (Just-In-Time) production process that optimizes efficiency without sacrificing quality.

A dock-to-dock straight-line system, from receiving all the way through shipping, enables us to:

  • Minimize inventory
  • Eliminate redundant and unnecessary labor
  • Expedite orders with clockwork consistency

To this end, we mandate that our own suppliers have the capability to follow our JIT lead and, whenever possible, we source them domestically to further control costs.

Lean Manufacturing

Sequencing down to a science. Every seat or seat component that starts on the line at NHK is produced, shipped and on the OEM’s line, cued up for installation, within 4 hours.

Lean Manufacturing

Run By Proven Management Vets

Any seat supplier can provide the lowest bid while promising quality and delivery. But, when the people in the trenches are continually turning over and learning on the job, the nuance that can define and hold margin is lost.

NHK’s founding facility in Frankfort, Indiana, has 80+ associates with 10–30 years of experience in the plant—ensuring the top-down wisdom to optimize our lean systems and the immediate-response time to secure on-time delivery in the face of problems.

When NHK Seating is your supplier, we’ll leverage this wisdom to launch a new dedicated facility near you.