Advanced Seat Design

Seat Design

Every topflight concern among automotive-industry purchasing agents—reducing cost through engineering, improving fuel efficiency, optimizing passenger safety and securing resale value—can be addressed by seat design.

Seat Design

a History of New Ideas

Running on more than 50 years of seat-design innovation, NHK Seating has a long record of collaborating with automotive OEM design teams to develop lighter frames, better safety mechanisms, more dynamic seat functions and other features that are now staples in the vast majority of cars on the market.

a Posture for the Future

At NHK, the seat for vehicles five years down the road is already in development. This forward ingenuity—and our manufacturing flexibility—means you have access to the very latest seat-design concepts available today, including models that feature heated components; airbag deployment; four-, six- or eight-wave power functions; and more.

In fact, NHK Seating is already ahead of the curve on the latest innovation—cooled seats for new models just around the corner.